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Hello, I’m Julie Fairhurst

Author, Speaker, and Mentor.
Founder of Women Like Me and owner of Rock Star Publishing.

I help women heal by telling their stories, releasing themselves from their past.

Through my book program, Women Like Me, women write their personal stories and share them in the hope that they can help others and promote healing in the world.

I understand the courage, resilience and perseverance to tell and rewrite your story.

Because I am a woman like you.

You’ll find my story in Women Like Me Volume 1.


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My Journey to Empowerment

The Genesis of Women Like Me

Greetings, I am Julie Fairhurst, the heart and soul behind Women Like Me, and I invite you into the extraordinary odyssey that breathed life into this transformational platform.

Imagine being ten and having your mother’s soul break irrevocably, her spirit shattered by a devastating accident that she caused, while intoxicated. Three young girls lost their mother that haunting night, and I, too, lost mine—not to death, but to an emotional abyss from which she never returned.

From there, my family spiraled into a world shadowed by shame, guilt, addiction, and chaos. A twilight zone where the rules of life seemed unjustly suspended.

A teen mother at 14, married by 17, and divorced by 29—with only an eighth-grade education and three beautiful souls dependent on me—I saw myself poised on the descent of generational failure.

But something magical happened.

Deep within, the resilient girl I once was resurfaced, whispering that a better life was possible, not just for me but for my children. I stood alone, with no shoulders to lean on, but sometimes, solitude is the perfect breeding ground for transformation.

The road ahead? Challenging, to say the least. For 24 years, I carried the mantle of a single mom. At times I fed my family through food banks, and my children received gifts from charitable organizations. Changing course is never easy, especially when the map you were given is crumpled and torn.

Yet, I did it.

I returned to school, blossomed into a professional powerhouse in sales, marketing, and promotion. I shattered glass ceilings, earning the highest accolades in a male-dominated arena. I established a sanctuary, a home where my children could thrive.

Some counsel to never look back, but I do. Reliving my journey fortifies me, reminding me of the miraculous magic of grit, tenacity, and boundless hope.

Tragically, in 2019, a painful chapter was added to my story. My radiant 24-year-old niece left this world, victim to the pervasive drug crisis on the streets of Vancouver. That heart-wrenching loss was my wake-up call—the legacy of unaddressed trauma could no longer continue.

The call to arms was clear. I launched Women Like Me to interrupt the cycle of generational wounds. Yet, understand this: I am but a single voice in a choir yearning to sing.

This is an invitation, an open arm to healers, coaches, and compassionate souls. Each interaction you have is a ripple in the pond of someone’s life, a ripple that can grow into a wave of transformation.

I’ve ignited a spark, but I need you to fan the flames. Women Like Me has come to life to help you liberate your story—from the sanctity of your innermost thoughts onto the pages of a book. Because sometimes, a single chapter of your story can turn the page for someone else.

Let’s begin the dialogue. Let’s weave the tapestry of change, one story at a time.



“Somewhere deep inside, that young girl showed up and reminded me that I wanted better for my life.”


If you would like to reach out to me for any reason, I would love to connect with you.


We’re looking for inspiring stories from women like you! ✨ Just fill in the form to tell your story!

Books by Julie Fairhurst

Women Like Me Book Series (now on Volume 5)
Women Like Me Community Book Series (now on Volume 5)

Your Mindset Matters
Revealing a New You
Dignity – Building your Self-worth
Build your Self-Esteem
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7 Keys to Success: How to Become a Real Estate Sales Badass
30 Days to Real Estate Action
Net Marketing
Self-Esteem & Confidence Journal

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