Meet Author Sheri Godfrey Two


I have never felt peace in my life. Being a second wife, I was made a worker, as well as my children. We did our work with sorrows and without peace in our hearts.

My husband would leave me with the children while he stayed with my fellow wife, my husband’s first wife. There was never a day when my husband cared for his children or provided food. Our relationship was about sex.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild

 Find Agnes namkuru’s story in Volume 7

Thank you so much for purchasing this book. The proceeds from this book goes to help all the women who have written in the book.

You will find out from their stories that these women are extremely poor. Many of them are widows and many children are orphans.

There is a lack of food and water for these people. Some still live in grass huts that cave in once the grass rots. Children drop out of school because they lack uniforms, socks, or shoes, and the school fees are not paid.

Some families have resorted to eating tree leaves and roots as they can’t buy any food, and they are having trouble growing food due to their lack of rain and resources.

As you read their stories, you will find that although they are dealing with unimaginable difficulties and heartbreak, they do what they can to stay positive and support their families.

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