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Alison DeGianni

Denying the Power of Grief; Running from the Pain of Sadness.

I am a proud wife to Paulo and mother of three adult children, Alissa, Sophia, and Teo. These beautiful humans encourage me every day to be “ME”! For that, I am forever grateful.

This story is written to show how life’s journey takes us down many paths. Most importantly we have the power and strength to adjust the course.

I am the founder and creative of DeGianni Designs – a boutique interior design studio “Bringing your story into your home!”

My passion is to create designs that reflect my client’s character and style while showcasing their story. We all have one to embrace.


 Find Alison Degianni’s story in Volume 5

Sheri Godfrey

Alison Degianni, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 5 Author.

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“It’s an honor to be in grief. It’s an honor to feel that much, to have loved that much.”

Elizabeth Gilbert”

Meet Author Sheri Godfrey One

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