Anne-Marie Harris

Warrior Women Alchemy: A journey from pain to peace. A soulful evolution through love, wisdom and bravery by Anne-Marie Harris

Anne-Marie Harris is a Vancouver Island-based Yoga Practitioner and Photographer who is passionate about creating community and connecting with others to tell their story through images of love, partnership, self-acceptance, expression, connection, and wild nature.

Anne-Marie lives authentically with a sense of creativity in all she does. She has the passion and courage to express herself and her ideas, even if it feels vulnerable, because she believes there is an important quality to living her truth. She is often accompanied by her fluffy companion Oakley, an 8-year-old Keeshond (Wolfspitz) who has a compassionate, calming, and therapeutic disposition as well.

As someone who has experienced significant trauma, violence, and abuse in her life she has taken it with much grace, strength, love and a warrior attitude. She firmly believes that it is her duty to share her stories of strength, resilience and courage to offer optimism and hope to others, so keep your eyes out for more publications from her in the future.

As she continues to take adventures on the west coast of Canada and experience new things along the way – surfing, ziplining, hiking, camping, mountaineering and road trips across the province just to name a few, she also maintains her spiritual practices to remain centred, grounded and go deeper within. Anne-Marie plans to return to Nepal in the near future to reconnect with the mountains, people, animals and spiritual lessons and to tell stories along a photographic journey.


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Anne-Marie Harris

Annie-Marie Harris, Canada.
Volume 3 Author.

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“Don’t take for granted what you can do; don’t be sloppy with your life. Devote life to a higher purpose: service to others. The warrior doesn’t give up what they love. The warrior finds the love in what they do!”

~ Dan Millman

Anne-Maria Harris

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