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Brenda’s life is a story of resilience and determination. Although she has experienced many exciting adventures and colorful life, she has overcome unexpected challenges, her journey has not been without hardship and abuse. Despite these challenges, Brenda’s strength and willpower have played an instrumental role in shaping her into the woman she is today.

Brenda worked various jobs for several years and was determined to gain experience and broaden her perspectives. Her interest in technology and computers eventually landed her a position at a large trucking company, where she helped implement the company’s warehouse operations with a customized inventory management system, however after many years the flame dwindled, and eventually, she left.

Taking a year off and still not wanting to retire she looked for other work which led her down a completely new path, and she soon found herself driving a school bus for special needs children. The job quickly became a passion for her, and she formed close bonds with the children she drove daily, finding it one of her life’s most fulfilling jobs.

Brenda’s passion for writing has been a lifelong fascination, and after retiring, she eagerly returned to her pen. Her work has since been published four times in Women Like Me Community Books, and twice in Women Like Me. She is currently working on a book of her own, which she hopes to publish soon.

Brenda’s writing is deeply personal and draws from her own experiences of navigating through some of life’s most challenging moments. Despite the difficult memories, she writes from the heart and has found the process to be tremendously therapeutic. Brenda is incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of her loving husband, with whom she has shared 25 wonderful years, and her beautiful children, who constantly encourage her to pursue her passion for writing.

The adventures were far from over. Brenda and her husband shared a dream of owning a small piece of land in the countryside, and they made that dream come true by purchasing their own hobby farm. Now, Brenda’s days begin early, tending to their beloved animals, including a flock of sheep, seasonal pigs, chickens, and six dogs. In the afternoons, she, and her husband work on various projects, from building new dwellings for their animals to expanding paddocks.

Despite the hard work, Brenda and her husband find immense joy and fulfillment in their hobby farm and love sharing the experience with their friends and family. For Brenda, it’s not just a pastime, but a way of life that brings her closer to nature, self-sufficiency, and a sense of purpose that she has always been searching for. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and following one’s dreams.

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Sheri Godfrey

Brenda Cooper, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 8 Author.

If you’d like to reach out to Brenda, you can do so on Facebook: Whispering Winds Farm, Creative Quill  

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