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ADHD & ME: Daily Struggles by Crystal Marcoux

Hello, my name is Crystal Marcoux and I was born in Surrey, British Columbia, on November 28th, 1984.

I grew up in Surrey with my parents and my four older siblings. I currently live with my four beautiful special needs children in Surrey.

I’ve worked at Surrey Memorial Hospital for the past 16 years as a care aide/patient porter and an educator where I’ve been able to take my uniqueness of having ADHD and apply it to the care I give my patients and how I help my coworkers.

I wanted to be a part of this book to help really shed a light on one: what it’s truly like living with ADHD and the stigmas around it, and two: what it’s like being a parent when you have ADHD.

I’m hoping to empower others to embrace their differences and use them to reach your goals because anything is truly possible when you’ve got the right mindset.

Also, I truly hope this will change people’s minds on how they look at and perceive people who are diagnosed with any type of disability.

“It’s okay to be me.”


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Crystal Marcoux, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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Here are a few places people can go to get help with parenting children with challenges:

Rolling with ADHD –

The Children’s Foundation –

Child & Youth Mental Health Intake Clinics –




“I’m different and that’s okay.”

~ Crystal Marcoux

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