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The Journey of Voice Awakening: How finding your voice can heal your life by Dana Gita Stratil


Dana Gita Stratil is the founder of the Awakened Voice Academy, teaching healers, change-makers, and coaches how to free their true voice and unleash creative expression. She has been a voice expert for over 35 years as a singer, performer, presentation skills coach, and intuitive voice healer.

Her expertise has come together to support others on their journey along their unique path to spiritual awakening. From her early years, she learned the profound impact speaking and singing can have. She has often suffered rejection and being shut up by people or traumatic experiences. After a severe health and life crisis, she found that her primary healing tool was, in fact, her own voice.

It has been the transformational power of sound that has helped her to heal from all childhood trauma as well as grow spiritually. Each time she recovered from a life challenge, she gained deep insights and incredible voice and healing techniques.

Dana Gita has studied and practiced multiple healing techniques and different singing styles. Her favorite voice expression include mantras, chants, overtones, and Shamanic journeys. She performed as a solo artist and in different ensembles and with her own choir.

Dana Gita actually means ‘the gift of song’ in Sanskrit. She understands the magic of this gift: awakening people to who they truly are. When they discover their authentic voice, they can speak or sing their unique, deep truths from a place of peace, love, and wisdom, just as she has learned how to do.

Born in the Czech Republic, Dana Gita moved to Switzerland as a young girl. When she’s not on one of her many journeys to spiritual sites around the globe, she can often be found hiking and singing in the Swiss Alps.

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“To free the voice is to free the person.”

~ Kristin Linklater

Author Dana Gita Stratil

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