It Can Only Get Better From Here by Fiona Solly


Writing about yourself is always difficult. Deciding how open or how much you want people inside your soul is problematic.

How would I describe me if I were in someone else’s shoes? I am hardworking. Whatever I set my mind to, I do it. I have had setbacks and challenges along the way but I have always maintained a sunny outlook and when I say I have taken time to stop and smell the roses, I mean that literally.

Helping people is in my nature. It’s truly a part of who I am. Need a cake for a special occasion, I do that (as a hobby) and some of my cakes have been amazing! Dollicakes Creations on Facebook.

Guidance and being that bright light for someone, helping someone see a different way to brighter solutions, that’s me too. Life Goals with Fiona on Facebook. 

My children are grown with children of their own now. My grandchildren are certainly a ray of sunshine in my life and my husband and I spend as much time with them as we can, through calls, sleepovers, outings and baking together.

Life is good, not perfect, but good.


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Fional Solly

Fiona Solly, Canada.
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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

~ Dalai Lama XIV

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