Personal growth is something all people should strive for throughout their entire lives. No matter your age or education level, finding new ways to learn, grow, and achieve are essential for living a fulfilling and enriching life.


However, many people have bad habits that interfere with their ability to achieve personal growth. Consider these five common bad habits that can affect a person’s ability to find personal growth in life.

Bad Habit 1: Choosing to ignore problems in life.

Working through your problems is a key part of making personal growth. Problems present all kinds of issues in your life, but trying your best to work through them is a highly educational experience – once the problem is solved, you leave the situation feeling much more knowledgeable and equipped to handle problems again in the future. However, if you choose to ignore them, you never make these strides in personal growth.

Bad Habit 2: Being afraid or unwilling to try new experiences.

The idea of trying something new can be intimidating, but it is absolutely necessary in order to make any kind of change or growth in your life. If you are afraid or unwilling to try new experiences – whether it’s visiting new places, meeting new people, or trying new things – you will never put yourself in the position to learn more about the world around you and grow as a human being.

Bad Habit 3: Wasting time on distractions rather than focusing on what needs to get accomplished.

Scrolling through social media and watching yet another episode of your favorite reality television show is a great way to temporarily unplug, but if you find yourself constantly turning to these distractions instead of living your life, you may be interfering with your personal growth.

 Wasting tons of your time on distractions rather than working toward solving problems or learning new things can be a huge detriment to your development as a human being.

 Bad Habit 4: Sticking around toxic environments and people.

Breaking up with a toxic person or removing yourself from a toxic environment can be a huge challenge, but doing so is worthwhile. The longer you allow yourself to stay connected to someone or something that is highly toxic, the longer you prevent yourself from being able to move forward and grow in life.

 Toxicity in your life is highly damaging to success – you likely won’t be able to learn, grow, or achieve much of anything if you have a major source of toxicity clouding your life. While it may feel comfortable to stay in a toxic place, relationship, or situation, it may be highly damaging to your chances of finding satisfaction in your own personal growth.

 Bad Habit 5: Blaming everyone else when things go wrong.

 When things go wrong in life, it really stinks. You may feel terrible about yourself or even guilty about what happened. When these big, difficult emotions arise, it is tempting to blame other people for whatever went wrong – rather than taking responsibility and making yourself feel even worse, blaming someone else for your bad feelings and problems can take some of that pressure off yourself.

 However, this bad habit never results in anything good. Instead, other people will learn that you can’t be trusted to take responsibility for your own problems. It also means the problems aren’t actually getting resolved, and when you live your life full of problems that aren’t being properly addressed, feeling like you can grow as a person is impossible.


“Don’t go through life, grow through life.” 

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