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Should I Stay or Should I Go: One woman’s struggle with family, failure and freedom by Gale Tracey

Gale was born and raised in South Vancouver. Her parents separated when she was seven years old. Her mother struggled to raise four kids on her own, usually working part-time, fighting for child support. They lived on welfare the majority of the time. She knew at an early age that she would be successful in life and would never have to worry about food in the fridge and a roof over her head. Her father gave her some advice that she may have taken too far! “Don’t rely on a man like your mother!” As nasty as that was, she was learning the financial basics of how to succeed. She was given a monthly allowance that taught her to budget. She would go shopping for school clothes with her father, then take the clothes back and pick out two times the number of clothes that she liked for the same amount of money. She started her first job at 15, working at an ice cream parlor. She was a waitress and a night manager at 15!! In grade 11, she was offered a job in the jewelry department at Woodward’s department store. She saved her money for her first airplane trip to Waikiki for a Grade 12 celebration with her friends.

At the age of 26, while pursuing a career in finance, she tried out for the BC Lions Sunshine Girls and got accepted. This event was a highlight in her life. She also did volunteer work with cable television, modeling, and TV commercials. After 25 years, she left the banking industry in 2001 to become a successful independent Mortgage Broker. In 2015 she was introduced to the network marketing industry and found a new passion for helping people to acquire better health and more wealth. She was shocked when she earned a new Mercedes Convertible due to her business’s success and her team!! She has also maintained her referral-based mortgage business as she loves helping people purchase their dream home or re-organize their finances!

Gale is now happily divorced, living her BEST life since September of 2019. She now resides in Sunny South Surrey in British Columbia. Gale enjoys spending time with her daughter and two adorable grandchildren, Rilee and Wyatt, working on her new house, making it her own. Her two fur-baby girls live with her, Daisey, a 17-year-old Shitzi Poo and Harley an eight-year old Shitzu/something. Gale is looking forward to her 65th birthday trip to Paris and the prospect of dating some new men in the future!!!!!


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Gale Tracey

Gale Tracey, Canada.
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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you live.”

~ Jim Rohn

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