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Unrelentless Courage in the Face of Adversity: Drawing close to God through the life of my son by Karla Weiss

Karla currently lives in St. Albert, Alberta, with her four children and husband of 22 years, as well as her two Miniature Siberian Huskies. She is an Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and an RN. Karla is passionate about teaching menopausal women to rewire their thinking, making the transition through menopause smoother and healthier.

Karla teaches women how to optimize the 4 Circles of Brain health – BIological, Psychological, Social Connections, and Spiritual, so that they may develop brain envy, know what they can do to promote a healthy brain and what to avoid.

She dealt with weight loss struggles herself and experienced how mental illness can be a prison for so many people. She combined her knowledge and expertise and now seeks to empower others to upgrade their health in order to have a better life.

When we as women understand the perplexity and uniqueness of our brain (how to take care of it, making the most of our strengths, overcoming any challenges, and know-how to release its full potential) there will be NO stopping us. This will permeate into every area of our life.

Karla enjoys scrapbooking, gardening, being in the outdoors, and taking long walks with her dogs. She places her faith at the center of all that she does and incorporates it into her everyday life. And most of all, she values her family.

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Karla Weiss, Canada.
Volume 3 Author.

“Be strong and courageous”

~ Joshua 1:9

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