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Katelin was born in Northern British Columbia, in the small town of Terrace, BC. She loves her little town, the warm summers, and the mild winters. Terrace has a natural “greenhouse” effect due to the beautiful Coast Mountains. 

She was the third of four children. Throughout Katelin’s childhood, she faced her family’s addictions and negative behaviors due to alcohol and drug abuse. Katelin lost her mother to addictions when she was twelve, and rather than accepting help that came her way, she rebelled.

Katelin’s life has been a search. A search to find love. A search to find a protector. A search to find family. A search to find a home and belonging. Then one day, she woke up and realized, what she was searching for all those years, was right there, inside her.

Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Katelin knew it was time to leave the past behind and forge ahead into a new life. As a single parent, she worked incredibly hard and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Northern British Columbia. Relying on the charity of others, government assistance, and local food banks, as hard as it was, Katelin never gave up her dream of a better life for herself and her daughter.

Now Katelin helps others who are in similar situations as the family she grew up in. She is a full-time Outreach Worker and a part-time Therapy Assistant. She is proud of her accomplishments thus far in life and always looks forward to a bright future.

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Sheri Godfrey

Katelin Stanvick, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 6 Author.

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“& to heal you must first allow yourself to feel everything.”


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