Kim Mallory

22 Vials: From 60 to zero energy awareness by Kim Mallory

Kim Mallory is a creative entrepreneur. A realtor and founder of The Pink Stiletto Women’s Network and Chilliwack Citizens for Change. She is a fierce advocate for creating community and making a difference.

Her life journey has taken her on many paths, and she has inspired women to be brave and have a positive mindset through speaking, teaching, and mentoring.

Whether it’s business or life, her advice is rich, and she has been influencing the lives of many women through spirit and confidence building for many years. She shares her business knowledge and personal stories to inspire and empower.

Kim’s personality is laid back, and she uses her wit to keep things entertaining. Kim’s dose of reality is dished out with kindness, humor, and a genuine and caring nature. Her hope is to spread love and joy and encourage others to be the light.


 Find KIM MALLORY’s story in Volume 3

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Kim Mallory

Kim Mallory, Canada.
Volume 3 Author.

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How truly magical is the human spirit that can take you through the fight of your life and have you feeling humbled and grateful and excited all at the same time.

— Christine Hayden

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