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FROM SCARCITY TO SIMPLY SPLENDID: A Story of Transforming Struggle to Manifest A Life of Abundance and Grace by Leanne Giavedoni

During her long career as a physiotherapist, wellness coach and educator, Leanne Giavedoni found herself increasingly fascinated with how to overcome struggles, find healing and experience success. Leanne has dedicated over two decades to coaching people to connect within so that they can create better emotional and physical well-being.

Leanne Giavedoni is the author of “Fear Unravelled” and founder of Unleashed Essentials. At Unleashed Essentials we share an integrative model of health and wellness that bridges traditional with alternative approaches. We help you create better health, prosperity, and peace using a mind-body-spirit approach that bridges the gap that is apparent in traditional approaches to health and wellness.

When she isn’t sharing her passion, you will find Leanne communing with nature, planning her next travel excursion or relaxing with her highschool sweetheart, son, and daughter in their rural home near Hamiliton, Ontario.


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Leanne Giavedoni, Ontario, Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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“There is enough, I have enough, I am enough.”

~ Leanne Giavedoni

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