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A SPECIAL VISIT: When You Ask For A Miracle by Linda Foote

“It’s your time to enjoy something for yourself and shine. Be the light in your journey! – Linda Foote

In my past life, I was a pre-school and Adjunct Art Teacher and am now a Vision Board Coach and Essential Oil Educator.

I am a graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University. I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor – Evolve Yoga, Reiki 1 Level – Jamie Lee, Animal Bonds, Doterra Essential Oil Specialist, Certified in Meditation from University of Central Florida, and Certified Vision Board Coach with Joyce Schrawz.

I love life! And yes, I jumped out of an airplane at 60, zip-lined at 62, love swimming in the ocean, and enjoy canoeing with my hubby, Roger. Honestly, there isn’t much that I don’t like to do. And my husband will tell you that I keep life interesting.

My passion is playing with my Doterra Essential Oils, creating art, and living life to the fullest with my awesome hubby of 33 years. Together we are grandparents to eight grandchildren whom we love and cherish beyond, and oh boy, they are keeping us young at heart!

My goal is to guide women struggling with manifesting, discover the power of using essential oils with vision boards and bring their dreams and goals into reality. I will tell you that I don’t teach you just to create a cute crafty project. Instead, I guide you on how to prepare first, so you know how to use your vision board, so it works. I am making it my life purpose to share my creativity and educate with kindness to ignite others to dream with passion and joy!

I love helping women and showing them they can receive what they want in life. I suffered a mild depression silently after losing my daughter to suicide. My husband, essential oils, meditating, friends, and a lot of self-development kept me grounded. It’s been a long journey, but I now have the rights tools to move into the light. Hopefully, my story will help someone who has gone through a rough patch in life. For me, creating vision boards has been therapeutic.

“A Vision Board without a VISION is simply a crafty project.”

So if you are sick of creating crafty vision boards that end up in a drawer, I understand! Because I have been there, I know exactly how you feel! My technique for a POWERFUL vision board is to generate a vision board that reaps the ultimate results.

Don’t forget to spread kindness throughout your day. Sending hugs!


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Linda Foote, Florida, United States.
Volume 4 Author.

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“The passing of someone we love leaves a hole in our heart that never fills. But warm memories can help keep them close.”

~ Unknown

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