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Linda S Nelson is a Business Education graduate and is currently “semi” retired and has recently launched her dream coaching business with her Believe in YOU Academy. She is now able to utilize her experiences and lessons learned throughout her varied career to help people soar from being aimless or unmotivated to finding clarity and confidence and ultimately belief in themselves.

She provides tools and resources along with her coaching to help female solopreneurs rediscover their best selves, identify what holds them back from achieving their very best life, and turn their passions into profit and lead a life of intention and impact.

Her career experiences include Business Teacher, Management Consultant with an executive search firm, Employment Manager for a Fortune 500 company, and human resource consulting, training, and coaching with individuals and numerous organizations. She has been a teacher, stand-up trainer, business owner, marketer, and growth/mindset/belief coach. In addition, she has served on several boards including Board Chair of a state-wide organization that went through intense change under her leadership requiring many shifts in perspective and mindset to survive – and grow.

Linda’s strengths include her ability to assess situations and people by asking questions to get to the heart of the matter, developing people and helping organizations and its people grow and offering her unique perspective gained through many years of gathering wisdom from others. Her enthusiasm and belief in “soaring with your strengths” comes through in her pragmatic training/coaching style as she breathes belief in her clients.

Her mission established many years ago is to assist people and organizations in becoming all they can become through their most important asset – the human one – resulting in greater productivity and an increased bottom line. In her “retirement” – she continues with this belief that most of the reason people are not reaching goals as a Solopreneur is because they have neglected their most important asset – themselves.

When Linda is not finding joy in the precious present with her clients, she can be found fully engaged with her loves – gardening and immersing in rich relationships who those important in her life. She lives in Cottonwood MN with the love of her life, Jess and their fur baby, Bella. She and Jess are becoming first-time grandparents at the end of this year – and so will begin traveling to spoil this new wee one and spending time with her only son BJ and the Kelly, his soulmate.


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Sheri Godfrey

Linda S. Nelson, Minnesota, United States
Volume 5 Author.

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“The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. They shape who we believe we are, and this belief translates into who we become.”

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