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Lisa spends most of her time on her three true passions in life, writing, teaching, and shopping! And she spends every possible minute outdoors admiring the beauty and walking the trails of her mountain property on Mt Woodside in Agassiz. 

Shortly after graduating with a diploma in Travel and Tourism in 1989, she spent her early working years in the tourism industry, first as a bus driver and local tour guide before venturing into long-distance tours throughout Canada and the United States. With her zest for life and travel, she fell easily into the role as host to the local sights and scenery.

In 1993 with nearly a million miles under her belt, teaching quickly became a passion of hers, and she went into the driver training/licensing industry for a decade, which she returned too in 2018. After dabbling in this and that for a few years during slower markets, Lisa started Roundabout Driving School in early 2019, and it is a perfect fit. 

In 2002 Lisa took the plunge and entered the Real Estate industry, which had long intrigued her, and she loves to shop with clients. She doesn’t have the same stamina for that business full-time anymore, but she still enjoys helping repeat clients and referrals. Not to mention, it keeps her out of the mall 😊. Somewhere along the way, Lisa has developed a real passion for storytelling through writing.

Coming from a family of storytellers, including authors, play rights – and even a TV producer, while taking a hiatus from the Real Estate business, she found herself drawn into the challenge of creating two local neighborhood magazines. Although she didn’t write the stories for her magazines at that time, she found it fascinating to learn about people, and the readers really enjoyed learning about their neighbors.

Lisa lives in Agassiz, British Columbia and has a hubby, three kids, three grandkids, two dogs, and a cat.

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Sheri Godfrey

Lisa Kalinski, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 6 Author.

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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

Helen Keller

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