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My Dump Box: The Tool I Use to Survive

Loretta was born in New Brunswick. At the age of five, her mother fled with her and her two younger brothers, aged four and one year old, to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her mother was leaving an abusive relationship in hopes of providing a better life for her three children. Loretta spent her youth growing up in Vancouver, BC.

Loretta is a single mom of five grown children, three girls and two boys. She also has a grandson and a granddaughter, with one more sweet baby girl on the way.

Today Loretta resides in Abbotsford, BC, and works in the film industry. The hours are long, but she enjoys the job. She has a wonderful work family and is so fortunate to be able to meet many interesting people. There is something new every day.

Loretta is currently working towards getting her class 1 driver’s license. This will enable her to do more within the industry.

Loretta’s passion is creating lovely Memory Bears from loved ones’ clothing after they have passed. She has been doing this since 2015 and has made close to 1000 bears. These were sad times and Loretta was glad to have brought some comfort to the families that she has made these for.

She also makes Christmas stockings during the Holiday season and many other items.

Loretta is writing this chapter in hopes to help others who may have gone through similar times. She believes you have a choice, you can be a victim of your story, or you can be the survivor in it. Loretta’s choice is always to be a survivor and to help other people find strength within.

She wants you to know that you are not alone.

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Sheri Godfrey

Loretta Lebreton, British Columbia, Canada.
Volume 8 Author.

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