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TALES FROM AN EXPERT FORMER HIDER: How I kicked the hiding habit and learned how to speak up by Lynn Coleman

Lynn Coleman is an expert former hider, born in the UK and living in the Netherlands. She has two teenagers, two kittens, and too few hours in the day. After her degree in languages, Lynn has spent much of her life traveling and accumulating more languages as she goes; she speaks three languages fluently, another two well, and can order tea and a sandwich in several others.

Lynn’s business helps coaches, trainers and healers create and grow their online businesses. She supports them with tech, developing their offers, and finding the words to express what they do. She does that using a process she calls “listening with your heart.”

Lynn discovered that having the words to say what you want is one thing, daring to use them is quite another. That’s why she’s decided to share her own, very personal story here.  She wants to encourage other women to stop hiding. She believes that the world needs our warmth, our expertise, and our talents. It needs us to find our words and to speak up.


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Lynn Coleman

Lynn Coleman, Netherlands.
Volume 2 Author.

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“You will not determine my story – I will!”

~ Amy Schumer

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