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Abandoned: One response to feeling abandoned is to abandon yourself by Marie


I grew up on the hillside of a small village, surrounded by mountains reaching as high as the eye can see. But, like most younger people who live in remote areas, I craved to see the big city. So, when I was just sixteen years old, I made my way to the U.K. and roomed with four other girls in a flat overlooking the city.

Painting was always a passion for me, and I spent many afternoons at the local park selling my artwork. I did well and found I was able to support myself while creating for myself and others.

I’ve flown a plane, traveled to Tibet and meditated with monks, and spent two months in Africa caring for orphaned elephants.

Now, I am contemplating taking my daughter and going back to the beautiful hillside community where I grew up. I believe my daughter will thrive there as I did.

From there, I don’t know what life will bring for myself and my daughter, but I am excited to discover what it will be. I am open to receive all the good things this amazing life has to offer.

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Marie, Canada.
Volume 2 Author.

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“She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings.”

~ Atticus

Author Marie

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