UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND HOW I FOUND IT: How I Built My Family by Michelle Voyageur


I am Michelle Voyageur and I live in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. I have lived in this part of British Columbia since I was 12. We moved to a remote place called Cluculz Lake. It’s between Prince George and Vanderhoof, but closer to Vanderhoof. We had lived in Ladner, British Columbia, before that. My parents had six kids, so life was hectic and hardly ever quiet. I am the second eldest and have four brothers and a sister. I have lived in Prince George since 1983.

I am Chipewyan Cree and was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1961. My birth mother surrendered me at birth and left me at the hospital. My foster parents took me in days later and I have remained with my foster mom my entire life. She is simply, mom. I am a mother to three beautiful and strong daughters. They make me so very proud. I am a grandmother of two. My granddaughter is 12 and my grandson is 16. There will also be another granddaughter for me to love and spoil come January 2022!

Being creative was something I have always been. I love writing and through the years have written stories for my children, poetry for family and friends, and now I make greeting cards. It’s a passion that fills my days. Who knew I could be so excited to have my own crafting room? It’s always been about the arts for me. English class and art class were where I wanted to be in highschool. I’ve recently taken up painting again. I did have to stop everything though, due to a botched surgery. After four years, I was able to have reconstructive tendon surgery and I have use of my right hand again.

Since being asked to write my chapter in this book series, it is just the beginning for me. I can’t count how many people have told me that I need to write down my life story. There are many aspects to my life, some bad but most have been amazing. My hope is that I can be an inspiration to women. If I can inspire one person to make a change that will better her life, then I’ll know I haven’t failed.

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Michelle Voyageur, Prince George, British Columbia,Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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“I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.”

~ E. E. Cummings

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