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Release Your Past and Free Yourself

None of us in this world can escape heartache, insecurities, fear, or feeling of not being good enough. You may not experience them daily, but you will be feeling them at some point in your life. And when life decides it is your turn, how are you going to handle things?

We all have things that have happened in our past lives that we need to release. Even if what happened was not your fault, the effect on you can freeze you in your life—not moving forward.

So often, even though we know focusing on trauma holds us back, we don’t know how to release it. We may be keeping a “secret” and think it’s best to lock it up and throw away the key, trying to forget. That will work, but not forever.

If there is one thing I know, from my own life and the lives of others I’ve spoken with, your past does not just go away. The chains are there holding you to it, for your whole life, if you keep it shut away. And it will eventually pop up when you least expect it.


When we can unlock that secret, the power it has had over our lives diminishes, and we get to take back our power.


Consider how much energy it has taken in your life to bury deep inside the things you don’t want to deal with? Living a life of avoidance is exhausting. Imagine how wonderful it would be to live free. Imagine the energy you will have in your life to do positive things that will enhance your life.

And when you have opened up and released your past, then you can let it be. Once it’s done, it’s done, and you are free. You don’t want to focus on your past, you want to look forward to the future, and that is where you’ll put your newfound power and energy.

In this world we live in, it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits of judging yourself harshly. Before you know it, you permanently set your inner monologue to negativity. You will be feeling dissatisfied and grumpy. And, it will show in life and your interactions with others. This is no way to live your life!


Here are a few strategies that you can use to help yourself shift your mindset, release your past, and live your best life.


1) Journal writing

When you feel stressed and negative, write out why you are feeling this way. In the beginning, you may put your pen to paper, but nothing gets written. Try writing in point form to start.

*I have created a beautiful printable journal with writing prompts, affirmations, a habit tracker and more. If you’re new to the practice of journaling, I think you’ll find it fun and helpful.


2) Talk to someone

Have a constructive conversation with a good friend, family member, counselor, spouse, or someone you trust.

Talking this out can help to release you.

But don’t vent. Venting is not helpful.


3) Stay present

Some people keep a world history of wrongs and imperfections stretching way back.

They act almost like perfection police, waiting to add to their list of transgressions. Or they worry about future mistakes and how to avoid them.

Don’t be that person! You can choose to stay focused on the here and now and enjoy what’s happening in your life.


4) Be conscious of your thoughts

If a negative viewpoint has become your default setting, you probably don’t even realize when you’re doing it.

Take a minute to tune into your self-talk for a moment.

Pay attention to the words you’re using and course-correct for more positive language.


Use the simple, effective strategies to free yourself from your past, release it, and begin to move towards living your best life!

Take care of yourself.

You are worthy. You are deserving.

Love yourself and put your needs and wants first, then you can help others to do the same.

New to journaling? You’ll love this beautiful printable journal with 30 days of writing prompts, as well as my favourite meditations and affirmations to get you started with a confident, positive mindset.

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