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SHATTERED: Home Of The Unwed by Rhonda Devlin-Gilbert


Rhonda, High Priestess Lady Rose, I have journeyed on my spiritual path for many decades.

I started my journey seeking my own healing and through ceaseless seeking, study, and initiations I am now, what I like to call myself, a Spiritual Sherpa. And I now have the honor to help guide those who are also seeking healing.

I work with many modalities. As a Mohawk of the Bear Clan Shamanic Healer, a 9th degree Reiki Grandmaster, a Master Tarot Reader, astrologist, medium, Certified Fairyologist (yes, that is a thing), artist, and more, I am blessed to have a large toolbox to pull from. I don’t just show you how to navigate the river of life – I show you how to pick it up and move it!

But, ultimately, as your Spiritual Sherpa my job is that I get to fall in love with your beautiful Soul and show you how amazing and precious you really are!

Rhonda, Lady Rose, lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She’s been married to her gorilla and the love of her life for 33 years. Is the proud mother of two. And the proud grandmother of two.

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Rhonda D. G.

Rhonda Devlin-Gilbert, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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“She dipped her wings in ink to cover up her scars and wrote her story in the sky. Her words lit up like stars.”

~ Christy Ann Martine

Meet Author Rhonda Devlin-Gilbert 2

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