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Sabrina Lambert retired after a successful 39-year career as a corporate training manager. 

Presently experiencing an empty nest, she has become a Self Care Strategist and Author. Loving forest walks, drinking smoothies, and RVing, Sabrina is mom to a grown married daughter, wife to her hubby of three decades, and Gma to her granddaughter.

Discovering the craft of writing in high school, Sabrina used this creativity to publish newsletter articles and employee interest interviews during her corporate career. She is grateful and blessed to write and contribute aspirational works alongside other inspiring authors from the “Women Like Me Community.”

When Sabrina is not creating socially distanced Zoom experiences that help her family to stay in touch, she is fine tuning her blueprint for like-minded women who want to embrace the privilege of aging well as a possibility and enjoy fulfillment to make their encore act the best time of their life.

Her Vital Tweaks Framework shows step by step how to integrate essential self care activities into a lifestyle that banishes burnout and sustains vitality. Sabrina mentors and teaches women to create and implement intentional actions that design their own holistic wellbeing.

 Find Sabrina Lambert’s story in Volume 5

Sheri Godfrey

Sabrina Lambert, British Columbia, Canada
Volume 5 Author.

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Facebook:  Sabrina Self Care

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“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

Maya Angelou

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