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GREEN BUTTERFLY: On a Wing and a Prayer by Shannon Levee


Shannon, “Shan” for short, is an earthy, warm, welcoming, and shoot the shit kinda girl!

This girl has “grit”. Her passion and perseverance, despite being confronted by significant obstacles, pushed on overcoming her physical, emotional, and mental health challenges.

Navigating through all her obstacles she managed to raise two beautiful children, the loves of her life, who are also not strangers to adversity. They are a family knit with strength, courage, laughter, and a whole bunch of love.

Shannon shares: “For a long time I didn’t love myself enough to go through the pain of change but then I asked for help and embarked on a new love affair with myself.”

“Rise to your feet and walk the path to better living with Shannon.”

As a Reflexologist, Foot Reader and Healing Coach, you are in very good hands with Shan. She starts with your feet, opening the path to your healing. With loving care, she gives you guidance, support, and a shoulder to lean on.

A foot reading with Shannon is not only healing but is supportive and freeing. She shares her inner strength as she travels the journey with you, leading by example.

Shan stays real, regardless of her circumstances, making her a trustworthy ally, the warrior you want on your side when it comes time to face your own battles.

She walks the walk, talks the talk, and inspires others to greater achievements through her strong, authentic presence.

 Find Shannon Levee’s story in Volume 4

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Meet Author Shannon Levee (1)

Shannon Levee, Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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“Our wounds are often the openings to the best and most beautiful part of us.”

~ David Richo

Meet Author shannon levee (2)

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