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Mixed Blessings: True Canadians by Sharon Jones


Live life to the fullest, like it’s your last day, never take things personally and forge ahead. I have struggled and won and struggled and lost, but always learned that is what we are here for… life’s lessons and stirring the pot along the way.

I was born strong in 1960 and have 2 fabulous daughters who I would give the world to. They are beautiful, successful and strong independent women. My husband and I moved from the madness of the city just outside of Vancouver, B.C., to the much quieter, easy life on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia with our two cats, Marley and Sophie. We love the peace and quiet of the deer, frogs, birds, crickets, eagles, hawks, and all of the other noises nature produces. Wouldn’t change a thing, except the lottery would be nice.

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Sharon Jones, Canada.
Volume 1 Author.

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“We are women. And women are warriors, after all.”

– Louise O’Neill


Author Sharon Jones

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