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Sheron was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and at the age of five, her family moved to Pontiac, Michigan, where she grew up.

She decided early in life that she wanted to be a nurse, and so she did. Sheron attended Oakland Community College and Wayne State University, ending with a Master of Science in Nursing.

She practiced in several settings, but her favorite was in-home care and home hospice. She was involved in the early growth of hospice in Michigan, was on the governor’s committee to write the rules and regulations for hospice, and was the manager of the first hospice programs in Michigan to be licensed and certified.

Sheron held administrative positions in-home care for most of her career and continued to provide services directly to patients, which is her passion. She enjoyed working directly with patients and their families to see them embrace the changes their illness required so that they could meet their life goals. Working with patients and their families was a twenty-four-hour professional, including serving as a leader and consultant for staff caring for patients.

Early in her career, she was active in professional organizations and assisted in the growth of nursing as a profession in Michigan Nurses Association and Hospice Organization. Apart from her career, she loves to travel both on personal trips and mission trips with her church to Haiti and Lithuania. She has sponsored six children through Compassion International and has had the privilege of visiting two of them in Kenya and Bolivia.

One of her passions was being a Girl Scout all the way through to Senior High and then being a leader when she lived in Petoskey, MI.

She finally was a Leader for her daughter’s troop in Traverse City. Yes, she had children!

After she had accomplished most of her career goals and was still not married, she decided since she always had a passion for children, she would adopt. Sheron adopted three children from the same family but at different times, two girls and one boy. Their ages at the time of adoption were 13, 6, and 9.

The children are now grown and married, and she has one grandson. The later part of my career was focused on giving the children all the cultural, social, and educational experiences possible. They played instruments and were involved in sports, including gymnastics, horseback riding, and scouts. Sheron enjoyed them as much as the children, and most of all. She enjoyed traveling with them to Chicago, New York, Canada, where her extended family still lived, and Toronto, to name a few.

Now somewhat retired, Sheron’s passion is to work with women who have chronic pain and teach alternative natural methods to achieve pain management. She coached hundreds of patients to achieve management of pain and is beginning her entrepreneur business to continue her work in retirement. 



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Sheri Godfrey

Sheron Chisholm, United States Volume 8 Author.

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