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Reinventing Me: Living with depression and chronic pain – my way by Susan Daborn


What if I’d given up?

Writing my story was difficult for me, but eye-opening. I have overcome so much in my life, what if I had given up? I would have missed all this beautifulness in my life. I’m so immensely proud of my daughter who has achieved so much for herself in such a short time on this earth. What if I had given up? How would life have turned out for her?

I love my little home in Nova Scotia where I foster dogs. I enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables. I have close friends who mean a lot to me.

I am most proud of my determination and my business called Sue’s Helping Hands, where I care for those with Alzheimer’s in their homes. Not only do I help the patients, but I also help their families by relieving the burden from their shoulders, knowing that their loved one is well looked after.

I guess, really, we can never know the outcome for any of us, but I sure am glad I never did give up, look what I would have missed out on.

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Susan Daborn

Susan Daborn, Canada.
Volume 1 Author.

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“My best successes come on the heels of failure.”

~ Barbara Corcoran

Susan Daborn Author

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