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THE INVISIBLE DISEASE: Living With Fibromyalgia by Tammie Trites


Tammie was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. She has recently made a move with her family to Alberta, Canada.

Tammie is the mother of five beautiful, amazing daughters and grandmother to three rambunctious grandsons and one sweet little granddaughter. There is never a dull moment in her home. Tammie’s home has always been the home for family get togethers and dinners.

Interestingly, Tammie is an only child with 10 half brothers and sisters. Tammie’s mother and father blended their families and them Tammie was born, the baby of the family. With seven older sisters and three older brothers growing up was not always easy for Tammie.

Tammie wanted to write her story about living with fibromyalgia in the hopes that those who are experiencing this disease can gain some insight into what help may be out there for them.

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Tammie Trites

Tammie Trites, Alberta, Canada.
Volume 4 Author.

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“Fibromyalgia may have changed my life, but I will change right along with it. I will create my life around the limitations I now face. I will fight the pain and I will fight the fatigue and I will become a better me because Fibromyalgia is not who I am, I am simply me.”

~ Fibromyalgia Helping Hands

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