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We’re looking for inspiring stories from women like you for the next volume of Women Like Me, and featured stories on our blog.

“We are women. And women are warriors, after all!”
– Louise O’Neill

Do you have a story that needs to be told? A story that is holding you back from living your best life.

And, if it’s holding you back, there will be many readers who will be feeling the same as you.

Not only do you help yourself, but you can help many others who will read your story and find inspiration to move them forward towards a positive life.

We only get one chance. Our life is not a dress rehearsal for our next lifetime. We get one life, and it is here and now!


The past can hold us back from our dreams, goals, love, and successes. At times, we may feel like a prisoner of our past. It is so essential to break free of it and move on.

There are many ways we can release that which holds us back.

For the authors in Women Like Me, we choose to do it through writing.

Writing is therapeutic to the soul.

Writing about our past life events can beneficial, both emotionally and physically. We can increase our feelings so well-being and even enhance our immune system.

Why not come on this journey with other like-minded women and write your story in Women Like Me?

I’m so looking forward to meeting you. 


Simply click the button to fill in the application form, and your story could be featured in the next book or on our blog.

What contributors are saying…

“Julie is compassionate, supportive, and loving. Her approach and direction in compiling this book was a true reflection of that. Her unwavering encouragement gave me the confidence to write my story. She helped me see past my doubt and to realize the importance of telling my story.” 

– Kandis Wells, Canada (Volume 2 author)

“Julie took me through a journey from writing to publishing in a very respectful way. I never felt hurried or unappreciated, in fact quite the opposite, I felt seen and appreciated. That alone was worth writing the story for. The system is well organised and professional. All in all it was well worth doing.”

– Lynn Coleman, Netherlands (Volume 2 author)

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Hello, I’m Julie

I help women heal by telling their stories, releasing themselves from their past. Through my book program, Women Like Me, women write their personal stories and share them in the hope that they can help others and promote healing in the world.

I understand the courage, resilience and perseverance to tell and rewrite your story. Because I am a woman like you.


We’re looking for inspiring stories from women like you! ✨ Just fill in the form to apply!

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Do you want to share your story? 

Here are some more kind words from our contributing authors…

Julie is wholeheartedly connected to her writers and this project. She gave me trust and time when I needed it and supported and celebrated me along the way. She helped me get it out there!!!” – Leontine Boxtem, Spain (Volume 2 author)

“I was so honored to write a chapter in Women Like Me. Julie is very gifted in helping you write your story, she made the whole writing process feel easy. Having a story to tell, and writing a book on my own felt overwhelming, but writing a chapter with Julie helping and guiding me was so therapeutic. If my story inspires even one women that would be the icing on the cake.– Shawna Roch, Canada (Volume 2 author)

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