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At 35, I Finally Cut My Umbilical Cord: How I gave rebirth to myself through finding my voice by Thorey Sigthorsdottir

Thorey graduated from the Icelandic Drama School in 1991. Since then, she has been working freelance as an actor, director, teaching voice, acting, and public speaking.

Thorey is an accredited teacher of the Nadine George Voice Work and holds a diploma in teaching from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. She has an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, and an MA in Applied Culture and Communication from the University of Iceland.

Along with Thorey’s theatre-making, she has been teaching at the Icelandic Film School (where she is the head of acting/voice), at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, the University of Iceland, and the University of Reykjavik, along with tailor-made workshops for individuals and companies.

Thorey loves to work on the voice on a deeply human level, embodying it and allowing it to open into all our emotional areas. With all the sounds, without judging it, the voice mirrors everything we have gone through and is a huge part of our identity.

Thorey is now in the middle of her three years of studying the shamanic healing method of the Native American Shaman Patricia Whitebuffalo. Thorey applies Whitebuffalo’s teachings (meditation and energy work) to her approach in her voice training.

Thorey has helped actors build and train their voices. She has inspired creative introverts to present their projects, guided business people to master their skills in online speaking, and supported academics to find their authentic voice to stand out from the crowd.

Thorey’s passion is to help people, especially women, gain the confidence to speak up and be heard, even in the most male dominated working spaces.


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“The voice is the muscle of the soul.”

~ Alfred Wolfsohn

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Thorey Sigthorsdottir

Thorey Þórey Sigþórsdóttir, Iceland.
Volume 3 Author.

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