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Elevate Your Business & Empower Women’s Voices!


Dive into a partnership that’s more than just business. It’s about heart, solidarity, and making a mark in a world that needs more empowered women.


The “Women Like Me” community is an embodiment of compassion and generosity, a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of altruism and purpose. What is extremely unique to the Women Like Me Book Series Program, is that there is no financial barriers to any of the women to write in the books and tell their story.

Our exceptional contributing authors, (over 150 of them) come from all walks of life and all over the world, invest their time and creativity into crafting riveting stories that inspire readers worldwide. But the story doesn’t end there.

With the spirit of giving at the heart of our community, many of the proceeds from the sales of the “Women Like Me Community Books”  are dedicated to charity.

This shared commitment turns every page into a pledge of support, every book into a vehicle for change.

Our community, therefore, is not just writing books; they are writing a new narrative of hope, impact, and transformation. Through their words, they empower others, exemplifying the beauty of giving back and making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Our 21 Strong Women in Kenya authors proudly hold their first book.  All proceeds go back to these women, mostly widows, to purchase life-essential food and other items for their children.

What Women Like Me authors are saying…

“The opportunity to share my story has been a priceless gift. With Julie’s support and simple process, I have been able to reach out to so may other women who may otherwise think they face their struggles alone. I have wanted to write professionally for years, and Julie has made it possible. The passion she shares is helping women from all over the world, and THAT is amazing!” 

– Brenda-Lee 

  “Thank you Julie for giving a woman like me the opportunity to own my story, share my story, and pass it along to others who may benefit from our shared experiences.


Being given the opportunity to write for Julie’s amazing Women Like Me project has been one of the highlights of my year! She made the entire process smooth & stress free making herself always available when writers block had me stumped. This has been an excellent experience for me that has resulted in a great book!


Here’s an opportunity that marries passion with purpose. By becoming a sponsor for the “Women Like Me” books, not only will you elevate your brand but also champion female narratives across the globe.  And you’ll have the ability to reach a worldwide audience to showcase your business!


Why Support Women Like Me?

Unparalleled Exposure: Your business will be profiled in a book that reaches diverse, engaged audiences —  an advertisement that stands as a testament to your commitment to female empowerment.

Stand for a Cause: Align your brand with a movement that uplifts and celebrates women’s stories, reinforcing your image as a business that cares and supports women.

Grow Together: By supporting women’s voices, you cement your position in a community that uplifts, networks, and collaborates, fostering mutual growth.


Women Like Me Academy - WLM logo with typewriter
Women Like Me Academy - WLM logo with typewriter
Women Like Me Academy - WLM logo with typewriter
Meet Author Michelle Voyageur
Meet Author Michelle Voyageur

Here’s what you’ll accomplish as a Visionary Partner:

  • Sponsoring “a Volume of Women Like Me” offers a multitude of benefits. For women entrepreneurs or professionals looking to align themselves with empowerment initiatives, here’s how they can benefit:

    Brand Alignment with Empowerment: Being associated with a book that uplifts and promotes women’s stories reinforces your brand’s commitment to female empowerment.

    Expanded Reach: The audience of the “Women Like Me” series is vast and engaged. By sponsoring, a woman can place her brand in front of a new and diverse demographic.

    Networking Opportunities: Sponsorship often provides opportunities to connect with other like-minded sponsors, authors, and influential individuals in women empowerment.

    Enhanced Reputation: Being a sponsor showcases commitment to business and social causes, elevating one’s personal and professional reputation.

    Exclusive Access: Depending on the sponsorship package, there might be opportunities for exclusive content, interviews, or events related to the book launch and promotions.

    Long-Term Association: Books have longevity. Your sponsorship will ensure that your name or brand remains associated with the project for years, giving ongoing visibility.

    Content for Marketing: By sponsoring a volume, you get rich content to share on your own platforms, showcasing your alignment with women’s stories and empowerment.

    Drive Positive Change: Being part of such a project, you actively amplify women’s voices, thus making a real impact in promoting gender equality and female narratives.

    Business Growth: The positive association and visibility can lead to increased trust and patronage from consumers who value businesses that support social causes.

    Tax Benefits: Your sponsorship amount will provide you with a business tax receipt and an advertising campaign for your business and brand.

    By sponsoring ” A Volume of Women Like Me,” a woman not only elevates her brand but also joins a powerful movement that resonates with values of empowerment, resilience, and the unique experiences of women worldwide.

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Join Our Vision for Empowerment! We’re on the lookout for forward-thinking sponsors who resonate with our mission to amplify women’s voices and stories. If you believe in the transformative power of shared narratives and are keen to align your brand with a purpose-driven initiative, we invite you to partner with us. Your support can make a profound difference, and together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. If our vision aligns with yours, please reach out. We’d be thrilled to explore collaboration possibilities and have you on board as a beacon of empowerment.

Hello, I’m Julie

I help women heal by telling their stories, releasing themselves from their past. Through my book program, Women Like Me, women write their personal stories and share them in the hope that they can help others and promote healing in the world.

I understand the courage, resilience and perseverance to tell and rewrite your story. Because I am a woman like you.


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