“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

C.S. Lewis


Best friends you can count on just one hand

Look left, or right there they will stand

There are those who are just passing through

Then ones that deceive and wound you too

The tears I have shed for those untrue

Tear at my heart for what they could do

There are Friends that you hold so dear to your heart

When tragedy strikes it rips you apart

Your heart is so heavy with your daily cry

You can’t comprehend why they had to die

Their voice is fading, their touch now is gone

But they’re still in your dreams until it is dawn

Friendships are precious, I know this to be true

Those friends are forever beloved by you



Family blood is not always so kind

Some throw you into a toxic grind

How can someone just turn on a dime

Or did they spin this web with vengeance in mind

Betrayal and defeat are part of the pain

A severed bond is what has remained

I have walked away, as they were out of control

My broken heart is left to console

How did this ever come to be?

Once there were four, and now only three

Time has not been forgiving, not in this case

What was once held so dear is now a disgrace

Maybe one day it can all be healed

When the truth of it all can be revealed

My emotions are so heavy when I think of you

I am sorrowed by this, I know this to be true



Physical abuse or abuse of the mind

Can be overcome with support and time

The stigma that remains is not so forgiving

You must stand and fight and keep on living

The terror, the darkness of feeling alone

The fear of going back to what is unknown

The suffering, the torment that you have endured

The scars that were inflicted are now all obscured

The stolen innocence and trust that was once there

What has it left? It has stripped you bare

Don’t stumble through life without seeking some peace

Look for that solace, you need that release

Don’t be afraid to live deeply again

This is a new beginning and not the end

Let go of the past and all that you knew

Take back the control of what you’ve been through

The light is there, reach out, take hold

Hold someone’s hand so you can be bold

The future is bright I know this to be true

I have walked these paths just like you



Take your wings and fly, fly high

Reach for your dreams, reach to the sky

Every step you take your heart beats stronger

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, as it just takes longer

Life is not always what you want it to be

It’s up to you to set yourself free

Hold tight to your dreams don’t let them die

This you know well, and you can not deny

Dreams are your vision, your future they hold

Listen to their wisdom as your life will unfold

Dreams can be a reality, I know this to be true

As I am living my dream, and so can you

Brenda Cooper, Author 

Women Like Me Sharing – What We Know To Be True



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