Your ABCs of Gratefulness!

Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with JOY Isaiah 40:28-31, Romans 15:13

There is always something you can find to be grateful for. Take a moment to see all the gifts the Universe gives us. Gives to you! Look in your home or go outside and see what is already at your fingertips. Nature, the birds chirping, flowers in a garden, a beautiful sky. It’s all there, and it is FREE for the looking! Take a walk and see what is around you and take it in. Breathe! Be Grateful you are alive! Be Grateful and Appreciate the little things in life. 

Being grateful for what you have and what you will receive is so easy if you take a moment to notice.

About four or five years ago, I started a JOY Journal. First, I would write down what I was grateful for and add quotes that appealed to me. Then, I would often sit with a cup of tea and reread a few of what I have written down; it always makes me feel good. Sometimes it brings back memories. So try it, take a moment with a cup of tea, and reread your past writings. I promise it’ll promote positivity and a joyful feeling when you do this. It’s like creating your own calm. 

I start each day with an attitude of gratitude, as Jack Canfield would say. So start your day Being Grateful and live an Attitude of Gratefulness every day.

So, here is my 26 days of Gratefulness, thinking it would be fun to pull some of my I am Grateful lines and put them in alphabetical order. 

Your ABCs of Gratefulness!

Day 1 – I am Grateful for all the Abundance I am receiving in my amazing life. I am living a rich and fulfilled life.

Day 2 – I am Grateful for the Beauty that surrounds me from the Universe every day. God is sending Blessings!

Day 3 – I am Grateful for the new Confidence and Courage I see in myself.

Day 4 – I am Grateful for living my Dream.

Day 5 – I am Grateful for my Essential Oils when I need them.

Day 6 – I am Grateful for being Fabulous and Fearless.

Day 7 – I am Grateful for my lovely Grandchildren, who are so talented and smart.

Day 8 – I am Grateful for many things that bring me Happiness and good Health; I am Humble for all I am receiving.

Day 9 – I am Grateful for all the Inspiration I see every day.

Day 10 – I am Grateful for everything that brings me JOY.

Day 11 – I am Grateful for the unconditional Kindness that I’ve been shown by my friends.

Day 12 – I am Grateful to be the Light and Love in someone’s life.

Day 13 – I am Grateful for my wonderful Marriage.

Day 14 – I am Grateful for the Next chapter in my life.

Day 15 – I am Grateful for all the Opportunities that come my way.

Day 16 – I am Grateful for all the Prosperity and the Positivity that I’m creating in my life.

Day 17 – I am Grateful to live a Quiet and Peaceful life.

Day 18 – I am Grateful for living in a Relaxing sunny environment.

Day 19 – I am Grateful for the family and friends who Support me.

Day 20 – I am Grateful for the Talented and intelligent women in my life the Universe has provided.

Day 21 – I am Grateful for living a fabulous and Unstoppable creative life.

Day 22 – I am Grateful for being able to Visualize my amazing future.

Day 23 – I am Grateful for being able to Walk and feel Worthy in my purpose.

Day 24 – I am Grateful and XieXie (Thank you in Chinese) to all my lovely friends and family in my wonderful life.

Day 25 – I am Grateful to be able to practice Yoga at my age.

Day 26 – I am Grateful for creating the feeling of Zen where I am manifesting all the beautiful things in my life.

If you haven’t started your own Grateful Hour, here are a few tips you might consider trying.

Start a mindful Gratitude practice each morning.

  • Set up a happy and comfortable place in your home. A cozy chair or use a yoga mat, whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Try an essential oil to help create some balance, and create a relaxing mood. Use a diffuser and add a few drops of Doterra Balance Essential Oil. Or you can add a drop of the oil to your pulse points and the bottoms of your feet.
  • Grab a cup of tea and your journal.
  • Next is music; play some light music, and you could start with this old and lovely song, “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant. 
  • Follow with 5-minute mindfulness meditation to rejuvenate your spirit.


May this time for yourself bring you a Grateful Heart full of Happiness and Joy. Start a Grateful and Joyful Habit!


Love and Gratitude

Twenty-six days of Kindness

Brings a heart of Joy


Linda Foote, Author

Women Like Me  – Breaking Through The Silence

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